Wound Care Products

Everyone experiences dings and pops as life goes along.  Most minor injuries are dealt with through a combination of simple Band-Aids applied with a dose of common sense.  But there are other times when things get more serious and the proper treatment of a wound becomes important.  The risk of infection can be very real, even threatening future mobility and raising the specter of unwanted lifestyle changes.  The presence of other medical conditions can make proper treatment of even a simple wound much more important.

At Alliance Medical Supply, we understand this and are seen as a major local resource in this area.  We work closely with various home health care agencies, and are frequently referred to by the major regional medical center. 

You will find we have a wide range of wound-care products, everything from simple gauze pads to advanced silver ion impregnated antimicrobial dressings.  We carry a range of creams and ointments that help create a moist environment for wound and ulcer treatment.  We have a supply of cleansing liquids, such as sodium chloride-based wound washes, and other wound-cleansing sprays.

As people specializing in wound treatment supplies, Alliance understands that tapes can be as varied as the dressings themselves.  These include regular medical tapes, elastic tapes, and special soft surgical tapes where skin delicacy is an issue.  Self-adhering or breathable wraps may also be needed instead of tapes.  In some cases a ‘conform stretch bandage’ may be most appropriate. Alliance keeps many such items on hand so that we can help your medical providers meet the needs of your particular situation.  If we don’t have something in stock, we can most always get any item by the next day for you.

Alliance carries both brand name products (Convatec, Smith & Nephew, Molynlyke, Coviden) and generic Reliamed products.  Whether your wound needs simple gauze and tape or some more complex specialty dressing, Alliance strives to be your one-stop-shop for wound-care supplies.