Urological Supplies

Urological supplies can be hard to find.  And while no one wants to need them, if you need them you certainly want to be able to find them easily.  Alliance carries a wide range of urological supplies, one of the widest in the area.  Whether it is an intermittent catheter for anticipated short-term use, or something that will be more permanent, there’s a good chance Alliance has what you need in stock.  And if we don’t, we can typically get it by the next day.

Male external/condom catheters are often helpful when someone is struggling with prostate or other age-related issues.   These can be fastened to a leg bag in a way that does not seriously interfere with normal daily activities.  Alliance carries a range of sizes of both latex and silicone varieties.

A Foley catheter is typically left in place for an extended period, making fit and comfort of paramount importance.  The French sizing system is widely used, with most ranging from 16Fr to 24Fr.  The balloons at the end of these catheters are measured in cc units, from 10cc to 30cc.  Again, Alliance routinely stocks these in both latex and silicone varieties, and can get other sizes quickly. 

The proper use of catheters involves many ancillary products.  These include adhesive barrier wipes, Foley irrigation trays, night bags, leg bags, and saline/sterile irrigating water.  Dale leg straps help secure Foley catheters and Fitz All Button Straps provide an extra measure of support. These and other ancillary items are readily available through Alliance.

Bard, Coldplast, Rochester, Bardia, and Reliamed are major suppliers of urological supplies utilized by Alliance, but if you have a preferred product, we will work to obtain it.

Alliance Medical of Greeley will help with all billing issues, whether Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance, so that you can easily get what you need.