Diabetic Shoes

comfortSome of the biggest risks confronting people with diabetes are the consequences of increasingly impaired circulation. This can lead to a number of medical problems, especially with the extremities; feet in particular. So if you are suffering from diabetes make sure your shoes fit for comfort and limit the risk of injury. Dr. Comfort shoes and inserts are specifically designed with just those concerns in mind.

Dr. Comfort shoes are often purchased by people who simply want a more comfortable shoe. Yet these shoes are especially designed for the kind of custom inserts available with a physician’s prescription.

These custom inserts are built to the precise dimensions of your foot, using simple but very exact systems of measurement. Based on clinical indicators, our fitters use either foam or heat molding processes to insure the best possible fit. Our fitters have all received specialized training through Dr. Comfort resources, and function under the direct supervision of individuals who are Certified Fitters of Therapeutic Shoes.

Our goal is to provide you with shoes that are the most comfortable you have ever put on your feet; shoes that help keep circulatory problems from affecting your mobility.


diabetic shoesDr. Comfort shoes come in a wide variety of attractive styles and colors, each representing the same high quality and attention to detail. Both Medicaid and Medicare cover these items, as long as a physician has certified that they are clinically indicated. As with all of our product sales, Alliance Medical staff will handle all billing processes, so you do not have to navigate any confusing or cumbersome system.