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Urological Supplies

Urological supplies can be hard to find.  And while no one wants to need them, if you need them you certainly want to be able to find them easily.  Alliance carries a wide range of urological supplies, one of the widest in the area.  Whether it is an intermittent catheter for anticipated short-term use, or […]

Wound Care Products

Everyone experiences dings and pops as life goes along.  Most minor injuries are dealt with through a combination of simple Band-Aids applied with a dose of common sense.  But there are other times when things get more serious and the proper treatment of a wound becomes important.  The risk of infection can be very real, […]

Ostomy Products

There is never an opportune time to have to undergo an ostomy procedure.  Whether a urostomy, an ileostomy, or a colostomy; adjusting to having the procedure is enough without also having to cope with acute and lingering discomfort.  Our goal is to help you make the process as agreeable as possible. Alliance Medical Supply carries […]

Bathroom Safety Equipment

Bathroom Safety Equipment Whether you have a temporary problem related to an injury or a surgery, or a simple by-product of the aging process, bathroom safety is a concern. You might only need a temporary adaptive device for the toilet during recovery from knee surgery or you might need significant help with your mobility. Whatever […]

Diabetic Shoes

Some of the biggest risks confronting people with diabetes are the consequences of increasingly impaired circulation. This can lead to a number of medical problems, especially with the extremities; feet in particular. So if you are suffering from diabetes make sure your shoes fit for comfort and limit the risk of injury. Dr. Comfort shoes […]